Transit & Mobility


We have the choice in this City to make Los Angeles a city where biking, rolling, walking, taking transit, and driving are all safer and more enjoyable. Our office seeks out every opportunity we can to change our physical infrastructure in order to make this vision a reality and improve our transportation network for all of us.

Creating More Active Transportation Options

Cutting the ribbon on the protected bike lane on Riverside Drive in Spring 2022.

Our Office prioritizes three goals when evaluating transportation projects: safety, accessibility, and cutting carbon emissions. This means that with every opportunity to diversify our active transportation options, we look at whether the project will increase protection from traffic violence, improve access to opportunities, activity centers, and public spaces, and cut carbon emissions while building resilience. 

  • Riverside Drive Protected Bike Lanes: In partnership with LADOT, our Office identified Riverside Drive as a candidate for striping and resurfacing in the Spring of 2022. The new Riverside Drive Protected Bicycle Lanes are a half-mile long running from Los Feliz Boulevard to Glendale Boulevard and are parking-protected or protected using vertical delineators on both sides, making this stretch of road safer for all no matter how they are traveling, but especially for people biking by separating them from traffic and for people walking by painting new crosswalks and shortening crossing distances.
  • Sherman Oaks Bike Lanes: Working with LADOT, our office identified two half mile segments of roadway in northern Sherman Oaks where we could implement painted bike lanes and help reduce gaps. On Burbank Boulevard from Hazeltine Avenue to Van Nuys Boulevard, we closed a half-mile gap in bike lanes that connect Kester Avenue in Sherman Oaks to Elmer Avenue in North Hollywood – completing a 4.5 mile stretch. On Hazeltine Avenue from Burbank Boulevard to Oxnard Street, we worked with Council District 2 to implement new bike lanes installed along with a quickly-scheduled resurfacing, retaining parking throughout the half-mile segment. This crucial half-mile gap closure will help make people biking from Burbank Boulevard to the Orange (G) Line Busway Greenway safer.

Resources & More Information

  • CD4 Transportation & Traffic Safety Request FormOur office wants to ensure that our constituents' voices are being heard for requests related to transportation and traffic safety. Fill out our intake form to track these issues while LADOT is focusing on maintenance requests at this time. Submission will ensure recording so we can submit when LADOT fully reopens their request process.
  • LA Department of Transportation: LADOT leads transportation planning, project delivery, and operations in the City of Los Angeles.  LADOT manages 52 different transportation services for the region -- from parking management to safety improvements to permits for private mobility operators.
    • Report parking violations such as a blocked driveway to LADOT's dispatch center at (818) 374-4823 |This number should also be called to report broken traffic signals or down or defaced traffic control signage (like STOP signs).

    • Report abandoned vehicles by calling 1-800-ABANDON (1-800-222-6366) 

    • LADOT Transit Customer Service Center (818) 808-2273

  • City of LA Bureau of Street Services (StreetsLA): StreetsLA is part of the Department of Public Works family responsible for preserving, protecting, maintaining, and renewing the City of Los Angeles' (City) street network and urban forest. This includes our streets' sidewalks, bikeways, trees, and medians.
  • LA Metro: Metro serves as transportation planner and coordinator, designer, builder, and operator for LA County. Their website has bus & rail schedules, updates on current and upcoming transportation projects, agendas & minutes for Metro Board meetings, and more.
  • Safe Sidewalks LA:The Sidewalk Repair Program is located within the Bureau of Engineering and is responsible for fulfilling our sidewalk repairs and accessibility improvements. If you have a mobility disability or can speak for someone who does by proxy, you should submit any ADA accessibility issues (like broken sidewalks, missing curb ramps, missing Accessible Pedestrian Signals, etc) as an Access Request through the Safe Sidewalks LA website.