Recap: CD4 Conversation with LADWP

Click here to view the recording!


On March 22, our office hosted a conversation with LADWP leadership to discuss what should be expected from the department during a storm-related outage, their plans for changes in storm response, what resources are available to residents, and how you can be better prepared. Following this forum, we will continue to remain in close contact with LADWP, holding the department accountable for delivering accurate information and improved response times.

In the meantime, here’s what we can expect from LADWP over the short-term:

  • Improved real-time communications during power outages via additional personnel stationed at LADWP’s central command center and with crews in the field.
  • Adding options for renters, not just building owners, to report power outages online.
  • Reporting back on improvements in web-based and utilization of text message communications with customers.
  • An official assessment of recent storms and planned improvements that will be heard by the Board of Commissioners and Los Angeles City Council.

LADWP also plans to make long term improvements that will both increase information about outages and bolster the resiliency of infrastructure in the face of future extreme weather events, including:

  • Automating metering systems to provide more accurate information to customers.
  • Automating power distribution systems by adding monitors to these systems to be able to isolate problems and fix them quickly.
  • Modernizing infrastructure by replacing poles, transformers, and wires across the City.

If you missed the webinar, please click the link above to view the Zoom recording. For more information or to sign up for outage alerts/report a power outage, visit LADWP's website at